Ambler Powersports now offers LAYAWAY October 1st through January 31st!!

Here is how it works...

25% Down

3 equal payments of 25% each for remainder of cost

4 months to pay

What do you get?

FREE indoor winter storage!

We will store your bike in a secure indoor location complete with climate control and security system.

FREE winterization!

We will winterize your motorcycle so when that first beautiful day presents itself, you're ready to hop on and GO!

This includes:
Prepare Your Fuel System

Gas tanks have a tendency to rust when not in use, and untreated pump gas breaks down and becomes gummy over time. We will condition the fuel with the proper amount of fuel stabilizer.

Safeguard Your Battery

Batteries have a tendency to self-discharge when sitting over time, especially when they remain hooked up to the bike. We will install battery tender leads which will keep your battery fresh.

Check And Flush Your Coolant/Anti-freeze

We will make sure you have adequate levels of anti-freeze in your coolant system. This is very important; if you run straight water in your coolant system and it freezes, you could come back to a cracked head in the spring!

Change Oil and Filter

We will change your oil and filter. Its better for your bike to have fresh oil sitting in it for several months than to have used, broken down oil in it.

Lube Moving Parts

We will lube chain drive, cables, controls, fork surfaces, and any other pivot points.

TIME. You will get time to pay for a motorcycle you want.


NO REFUNDS. If the motorcycle is not paid in full and picked up by the end of the 4th month, there will be a $25 per day storage fee added for up to 1 month to the cost of motorcycle. If the motorcycle is not paid in full with the acquired storage fees then the motorcycle will be put back up for sale.